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    Studio on the Lake

    2019 Fall and Winter Art Classes and workshops with Jenny Learner

    Encaustic: Delve In
    Painting involves using molten pigmented beeswax. The molten liquid is then applied to a surface. Metal tools and special brushes can be used to shape the paint before it cools, or heated metal tools can be used to manipulate the wax once it has cooled onto the surface. Today, tools such as torches, heat guns, irons and other methods of applying heat allow artists to extend the amount of time they have to work with the material. Because wax is used as the pigment binder, encaustics can be sculpted as well as painted. Other materials can be encapsulated and collaged into the surface, or layered, using the encaustic medium to adhere it to the surface.
    First detected on mummy portraits in ancient Egypt. A mix of sculpting, painting and layering, it’s been used by artists across the centuries and around the world, from biblical times to the Bauhaus, Diego Rivera and Jasper Johns.
    The media has become very popular in the last 20 years as several companies are milling ready made encaustic paint in a multitude of colors and offering these products internationally.

    The wonder of encaustic is not in applying the paint, but the removal and heating of the paint. Artists working in all genres will enjoy the limitless possibilities and wonder encaustic has to offer.
    With its ancient roots and modern enhancements, it is the perfect medium to connect and explore.

    This ongoing 5 week class covers safety, fusing, line & fill, pastel transfer, photography, printing on silk, collage, monotype on paper, creating textures and encaustic painting techniques.

    Cost 200.00

    Wednesdays 1- 4pm starting November 30th 2019 (there is currently only one slot open).
    Class syllabus and supply list available upon request, or at time of registration. There is a small supply list (Beeswax, paint and substrates) that will cost approximately 25.00 that students can purchase at their local art store or from me. I provide all hot plates, skillets, heating supplies such as irons, torches, heat guns, carving tools, and amazing collage materials. Class size limited to 5 students.

    Encaustic Mixed Media with Jenny Learner
    Saturday Half Day Workshops 1 -5pm
    August 31st, September 21st, October 5th, and October 26th
    Cost: $125.00 All Materials included
    This half day workshop is perfect for beginners or advanced, artist or non artist. Will cover new ways to introduce color to your encaustic painting, all levels. Students will have the option of multiple surfaces to work on, nothing larger than 8" x !0". I will introduce some fun techniques using NeoColors, oil sticks, pastels transfer, photography, wood veneer, paper collage.

    This workshop runs 1-2 times a month.
    Sign up here:

    For more info call Jenny at 773-936-3645.
    "Plein Air Painting and drawing on the Terrace"
    Studio Waterlove
    7739 N. Eastlake Terrace 1B in Northeast Rogers Park
    Guided teaching or work on your own. Students bring their own substrate, paint, and brushes, I provide a chair and table or easel for student to work, and aprons. Indoor if weather is inclement, students can choose to work here or at the Juneway Park adjacent to the studio.
    Mediums I can demo and guide include, watercolor, oils, encaustic, monotype with pigmented beeswax and Crayolas, acrylics,Shellac Based ink, decoupage with Beeswax or Modge Podge, and digital printing. I provide a snack and beverages.
    Drop In 11AM - 5PM
    Sundays, September 8th, September 29th, October 13th,
    Guided learning 25.00 per hour
    Individual work 15.00 per hour
    Private one hour lesson 50.00 per hour. Reserve a spot a couple of weeks before intended visit.
    Call for more details. 773-936-3645
    7739 N. Eastlake Terrace 1B in Northeast Rogers Park

    Encaustic: Master Class Summer at TAC
    at The Art Center in Highland Park on Thursday afternoons. Call the Art center or visit their Website. Class will be scheduled soon.

    Testimonials from students for my intro to Encaustic Painting

    Step into Jenny’s studio to get a personal introduction to this gripping art form. Using torches, irons and heat guns, you’ll fuse beeswax with colored pigments and damar crystal and then apply the molten liquid to a painting surface. She’ll teach you how to use special tools and brushes to manipulate and shape your paint before it cools, creating one-of-a-kind pieces to take home.

    This is such a fun experience. I have done this afternoon workshop 3 times and I think I'm not finished yet! I have the pieces that I made displayed in my home. Jenny is a wonderful teacher. Her passion for her work is contagious.

    We had to reschedule and Jenny was most accommodating. Had great time in class and learned more than enough to encourage more experimentation. Jenny is full of information on process,materials and technique. Thanks!

    Jenny promised that we would each complete three pieces of art to take home, and we did! Very warm, helpful atmosphere. She had all the materials we needed ready for our use. She showed us several ways of making something beautiful, and then we got to do it. Very nice way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon.

    This was a great class and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do something arty & fun with friends in the city. Makes for a great girls night out! Jenny was an excellent instructor and she provided us with a plethora of knowledge and expertise. The great thing about this class was I did not need any previous encaustic art experience and I came home with 3 awesome pieces of art! Would take it again!

    An amazing and addicting experience. I almost feel like it's better not to explain how the session went step-by-step so that everyone can experience it for fresh for themselves. Jenny truly opened her studio and her knowledge to me and my two friends, and we walked out with 9 pieces of art that we cherish. Jenny demonstrated different encaustic methods, but what we created and how was completely up to us. I've only gone once, but I feel like Jenny really tailors her approach to her learners. She creates an awesome space to explore something new and make art.

    This class was so much fun! Jenny started with a little tutorial but then we had plenty of options for experimentation. Her studio was very roomy and comfortable. I came home with 3 interesting, unique works of art. At first I was concerned about the location of the class but it was completely safe. Parking was readily available in the rear. Very interesting building with several artist studios.

    Great time! Bought with friends! Easy to get to great FREE parking. Jenny was awesome. We learned a lot and had a ton of fun! Do this!

    This was so fun. I'm not remotely artistic but signed up to try something new with a friend. Jenny was gracious and used the 2.5 hours well--we learned at the beginning and had plenty of time to try out the techniques and make tiles to take home. I think I might even go back for more! I highly recommend this even if you are not an artist, and I think it's a fantastic activity for girlfriends or mothers/daughters.

    Jenny Learner is a wonderful artist, and a great teacher, so take one of her classes if you have any interest in art. She teaches encaustic painting, but also other special areas. My two friends and I has such a fun time under her guidance, and we will be back. We hope to entice enough friends to fill a class, but the women we met there were fun to work with in class. The nice glass of merlot was appreciated too!

    I had a great time learning and practicing encaustic painting! Jenny is easy going and makes you feel confident about trying this medium. The class flew by and I will definitely try this at home. Fun experience!

    Jenny Learner was a wonderful host and teacher. Our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we went home with our own works of art. The equipment and material used were top notch, explanations easy to follow and a very relaxed atmosphere. The building and environment with all of the artist studios was a plus.

    Jenny is very knowledgable and fun teacher willing to share and enjoy encaustic with her students. The time flew by.

    Jenny is a great artist and it was a fun afternoon.

    This Encaustics SideTour was pretty awesome, Jenny crammed alot of information into the 2-3 hours we were there. Jenny was very informative about the safety precautions of encaustics! Any questions we had Jenny answered, from how the encaustics were made to recycling scraped wax. What I liked about this was Jenny let us 'play' while teaching, so it was very hands on! I'm definitely signing up for another class on encaustics.

    Great intro to encaustic. This is a medium I always wanted to know more about and I got to see and try a number of different techniques.

    I had a great time. Energized and inspired. I definitely will try another tour and will seek out Jenny again. I am an artist and love to be in other people's studios. The Art center was an unexpected gem!

    This class was very informative and fun. Jenny shared her wealth of knowledge inspiring us to begin our own journey using this mysterious ancient medium. She was very generous of her time and talent; teaching us an array of different techniques. Great teacher...I would definitely take this class again!

    Jenny learner a very gifted artist loved her class and studio i was very inspired and blessed to be there thank you so much for sharing ....

    Jenny Learner is extremely well versed in encaustics and is a lovely person, too. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in an exciting and fun artistic experience.

    My experience with Jenny Learner's Encaustic Painting class was fantastic. Jenny began the class by educating us on all the materials that we were going to be using. She was very friendly and very funny. She made sure that even those who had no prior artistic backgrounds have a great time experimenting and creating with the use of bee's wax. I would not hesitate to take another one of Jenny's classes.

    This class will have you leaving with treasures and smiles. Jenny provides the perfect introduction to this wonderful art form in a casual but informative way. You leave with just enough knowledge and excitement to make you come back again and again. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would highly recommend this class for anyone with any interest in this art form--no experience necessary!

    I came back with three tiles that I made that Jenny said showed promise and semetry. I got to use the blow torch and witness first hand how to use it like a brush. I also got to "paint" with liquid colored wax and explored the many different techniques like pastel and holographic paper.

    Great fun! Learned lots! Jenny was extremely friendly and talented. No art experience required. Very educational and entertaining.

    Seriously so much fun and a really cool project. Jenny is a great instructor, very real and easy to work with. This could get addicting!

    This was a great class! Jenny did a great job explaining the techniques and then helping as we tried them all. I was surprised at how easy it really was and nice everything turned out.

    I loved this class! Jenny was right, you dont have to be an artist to do this! Jenny was super fun/enthusiastic and very helpful. The atmosphere was very relaxed. This class is something I would definitely do again! The only thing I would recommend is maybe have some directions to the class room. There was another event going on and finding the studio inside Zhou B was a bit difficult. Other than, everything was GREAT!

    Jenny is a marvelous teacher. She was clear and organized with the information and the demos, and gave a lot of one-on-one attention while we all created out own artworks. Her studio is spacious, and she supplied lot of additional materials for us to experiment with. In our class we had rank amateurs, seasoned professionals, and people somewhere in between. I think everyone got what they needed at the level they needed it. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is even intrigued about encaustics.

    A wonderful introduction to encaustic painting. Jenny did a great job of explaining the process and then we got to create some pretty cool pieces as we went through the different techniques she demonstrated. Thanks Jenny!!!